Microsoft aims for all-cloud future

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Internet of things conceptMicrosoft has revealed that an all-cloud future is one of its aims for digital growth is a move towards all-cloud systems.

The company’s CEO Satya Nadella spoke at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference on the subject of the Internet of Things. He confirmed that IoT is to be the next target for Microsoft and that this is relevant to companies of all sizes, not just larger organisations. He referred to it as a requirement to “build up predictive power”, giving organisations additional intelligence. Customers of Microsoft want to do more than just use digital technology, they want to use their own digital technology.

He points out that in all aspects of business there is a need for automation and improved efficiency and productivity. More efficient operations provide businesses with more digital services and products that can be used to further develop business.

Microsoft unveiled a cloud-based CRM system called Dynamics 365 just a few days ago and Nadella describes this as a “platform approach”, saying that combinations of products like this that can work together can help to reduce costs and to transform businesses as they move towards cloud-based systems.

However, the CEO failed to explain how moving everything over to the cloud will help if there is an outage of Office 365. This has happened in the past and some European businesses were brought to a halt. This has not stopped customers from putting their faith in the company, and Microsoft’s growth shows no signs of slowing down.

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