Microsoft acquires PlayFab

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Microsoft is acquiring PlayFab, a cloud tool vendor for game developers. When the time comes, we can expect plenty of synergies with Microsoft Azure.

PlayFab has made a name for itself as a cross-platform gaming tool vendor. The exact sum of the deal remains a mystery. This has become the second company Microsoft has decided to acquire this year, right after Avere Systems, a file storage vendor.

The company’s tools are designed to aid the developers of cloud-connected games. According to Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft will take advantage of how far they’ve come with Azure to provide a top-notch platform for the gaming industry.

Recently, Microsoft has started to invest more towards the gaming space. In the future, as the Microsoft officials have indicated, we could expect to see a streaming gaming service running on Microsoft Azure, and it’s potentially just a couple of years away.

In a recent blog post, Choudhry described the synergies between PlayFab and Microsoft Azure, noting that they’re quite well-matched.

PlayFab boasts a quite wide user-base, with 700 million users across 120 different games. According to Microsoft officials, the following companies are listed among their customers:

  • Rovio
  • Atari
  • Disney

The company was founded four years ago. Hadi Partovi, one of their advisors, has also cooperated with Microsoft in the past, being a part of the Microsoft Internet Explorer team as a group program manager.

Last year, PlayFab announced they would be using IBM’s Watson AI technology as a part of their platform, drawing in a greater wealth of experience to create new and more exciting games for players.

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