Malwarebytes a free decryption tool for Petya ransomware

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Recently, Malwarebytes released a free decryption tool for Petya, one of the most potent cyber security threats of the modern times. Victims hit with legitimate versions of the ransomware, such as Green Petya, Red Petya, or GoldenEye, can now regain access to their files for free.

Unfortunately, there is still no solution for those hit with illegitimate versions of the same ransomware, like PetrWrap, for example. This is due to PetrWrap using such a strong encryption algorithm that no decryption tool can hope to crack it at the present time.

The reason why even the original version of this ransomware is to be feared lies in the fact that not only does it use the most advanced types of encryption algorithms available, it also rewrites the master boot record and encrypts the entire hard drive. This effectively prevents the computer from loading the operating system.

Since then, Janus, the original version’s author, has decided to release his master key, allowing researchers at Malwarebytes Labs to develop a decryption tool which allows you to recover your files. Before using it, however, it’s recommended to make a backup copy of your data just in case, as the tool can sometimes hang during the process, which could be potentially damaging to your data.

In any case, if you see a green, red, or golden warning screen during the boot, alerting you that your files have been encrypted, there is a great chance of being able to reverse it. Just head on over to Malwarebytes’ official website and download the free tool.

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