Majority of companies plan complete cloud migration

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A report issued by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) reveals that 63 per cent of companies are planning to move their entire IT system over to the cloud.

The cloud adoption rate is currently the same as it was last year (78 per cent); however, it is believed that the rate will increase to 85 per cent of businesses in the next few years.

Most organisations are only moving certain services over to cloud systems. More than three-quarters of those surveyed (77 per cent) said they are using at least two cloud services, while one in eight (12 per cent) said they are using a minimum of five different cloud services.

The most commonly-used cloud services are webhosting, used by 57 per cent of participants; email, which is used by 56 per cent; e-commerce, used by 53 per cent; and collaboration services, used by 52 per cent.

Most companies (77 per cent) list flexibility as the main reason for opting for cloud computing services. The second most popular reason is scalability (76 per cent), with round-the-clock service support ranking third (74 per cent).

Just under half of the participants (45 per cent) said they were investing in cloud computing services to promote innovation. 31 per cent said their motivation was improved customer service, while 37 per cent mentioned enhanced business continuity.

The CEO of CIF, Alex Hilton, said: “It should come as no surprise that digital transformation is creeping up businesses’ agendas as they seek to stay ahead of the competition. Cloud is very much part of the digital transformation agenda, and it is clear from this research that those companies with plans to digitally transform, struggle to do so without the delivery model.”

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