Lack of data security experts a concern

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Safety concept: Closed Padlock on digital backgroundA survey has revealed that the majority of small businesses have little or no access to a data security expert.

It has also revealed that two thirds of those dealing with data security issues have no formal training or certification to do so. The survey has demonstrated that this is damaging for small businesses, even more so than for larger companies.

For companies that have less than 500 employees, 59% have no data security expert, while for large companies, just a third have no access to a data security expert. This puts small companies in a vulnerable position as they are not being audited regularly or having regular security checks.

More than 600 IT professionals from both the UK and the US took part in the survey. It is estimated that the global IT industry is going to be short of 1.5 million data security experts within four years.

Business leaders do consider that cyber security is important but not so important that they want to invest in training for staff. More than half are not convinced that it will benefit them or their business. A large number of IT experts are also not convinced that they would be able to detect a cyberattack when it happened or deal with it appropriately if it occurred through their cloud computing system, but they were much more confident about dealing with similar attacks on laptops or desktops. Industry experts are recommending that businesses adopt a multi-faceted approach with training, improvements in security processes, and the acquisition of better technology.

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