Kogan extends its partnership with Vodafone to 2022

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In recent industry news, Kogan.com has announced that they will be extending their partnership with Vodafone to 2022, using their network to launch the National Broadband Network (NBN) services as soon as 2018.

In October 2015, the two companies also came to an agreement on mobile broadband services, which will also be extended to 2022. According to Kogan, there are significant incentives for the two companies to prolong the partnership even more.

Kogan will be offering competitively priced mobile broadband plans and NBN plans, while Vodafone will be providing customer support to Kogan’s customers, as well as marketing incentives for the launch of Kogan’s fixed-line services.

David Shafer, the executive director for Kogan.com, mentioned that Vodafone has been heavily investing in its own NBN structure, and will be rolling out its capability in the following year. He further explained that the launch of NBN services is a huge opportunity for Kogan.

Around the end of 2015, Vodafone came to an agreement with Kogan, and through the partnership, started offering 3G mobile services. Last year, they added 4G services to the mix.

In October last year, Vodafone made an announcement that they would be entering the NBN market to provide retail services by the end of 2017.

Currently, the details regarding data, speed, and pricing associated with the new NBN plans, are still unknown. However, Vodafone is hinting that lower-speed tiers, including 12Mbps and 25Mbps, should not even be offered on the NBN. According to them, NBN needs to make some changes to the wholesale pricing structure.

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