IT training lab to help fight cybercrime

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A new training lab has been established in London to help IT departments to learn how to deal with cyberattacks.

Access to the lab will be given to companies from a variety of industries. This facility has been custom-built to allow cyberattacks to be simulated safely, and for IT professionals to hone their skills in data security and learn how to combat the issues.

The initial incident response can be rehearsed and digital forensic investigations can be carried out. Crisis media management can also be practiced at the lab. A British IT training company will be running the lab. There are different courses that can be taken at the lab and there is the opportunity to visit to find out more about the services and courses before signing up.

One of the issues in cybersecurity is that IT professionals do not currently have the right skills to deal with the cyberattacks that are taking place. Retailers for example, have to consider their own data security and that of their customers. A number of top brands have been hit by hackers over the last few months in a series of high profile breaches that have made personal data and bank details of customers available to criminals.

When it comes to data security, everyone within an organisation has a part to play and the new training lab is offering training that will help everybody within a company to understand how better to deal with threats and create a better strategy for possible breaches.

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