Ipswitch’s cloud data security suggestions

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Safe cloud computing conceptAs an ever-growing number of business owners are deciding to switch to cloud hosting, several data security questions are popping up that need to be addressed.

Ipswitch, an IT software company, recently surveyed around 600 IT professionals working across the globe. All of them are working in companies with more than 500 employees. The aim of the survey was to gather information about this sector’s data security and compliance issues, and these are some of their findings:

– 84% of US respondents classified the ability to securely transfer files as very important, and 72% of them have already put policies in place that address the issue.

– 43% of US corporate policies restrict the use of insecure cloud file-sharing technology.

– Over 40% of global companies have adopted the MFT technology.

– Over 30% of businesses operating in unregulated industries have used MFT to protect intellectual property.

– 46% of respondents admitted the continued use of insecure cloud file-sharing solutions.

– In the past year, 26% of respondents may have experienced a data breach, but remain unsure. 72% of them reported that human processing mistakes were likely to blame.

Ipswitch recommends the following solutions:

– Disallow insecure file-transfer solutions.

– Train employees on how to transfer files securely.

– Implement MFT.

– Automate processes to reduce human error.

– Classify documents to select the correct file transfer.

– Inspect documents and scan for potential compliance violations.

– Implement inherited rights management to protect files at their source.

According to Ipswitch, following these guidelines will fix several security gaps, protect data, and allow companies to better follow compliance regulations.

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