IoT not widely adopted due to security fears

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Internet of thingsIt has been revealed that the Internet of Things is now being used by 65% of companies around the world in one form or another.

This type of technology is being used to collate data for use within 65% of businesses. The survey was carried out by 451 Research and the report is entitled ‘Voice of the Enterprise’. Of those who took part, 71.5% have said that most of the data gathered is taken from machine sensing and just 8.5% gather data from biological sources. However, 20% of the data comes from environmental sensing.

The survey also revealed a great deal about the way companies gather the data. Just over half of participants have said that they use data centre IT equipment to do this, with just over a third using camera and surveillance equipment, 33% are also using equipment in data centres, and just under 30% make use of smartphones to do this.

However, 30% of those who took part in the survey have said that they do not collate data this way, with many of them citing security as their prime concern. While 46% of participants have said that security is the main issue, with just under a third saying that a lack of internal skills is the main problem.

Other issues, apart from data security, include a lack of IT system capacity and concerns about lack of ROI. However, it should be noted that two-thirds of those who do gather data have said that the risk to business is reduced, and others have said that it can help with the development of products and services.

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