IoT in the shrimp farming industry

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Accurately monitoring yields in the shrimp farming industry, along with preventing theft, has remained one of its key problems. But with the help of IoT, this is slowly starting to change.

Azlogica, a Bogota-based IoT company, is taking advantage of IoT to help shrimp farmers perform their line of work better and more efficiently. They are able to control these devices through cloud managing.

These devices help address the following problems:

  1. Theft

Typically, farms have limited surveillance, so it’s hard to see who gets in and out of the zone. Even a thief with a large net could easily slip by unnoticed. Thanks to IoT, additional surveillance can be put in place, and geo-fences with alerts easily cover the blind spots. All these are completely programmable and offer analytics. A very important part of the IoT solution is to help business owners discover any blind spots.

  1. Water quality

Before IoT devices, it was hard to tell whether shrimp were well-produced or not, at least until the end of production. The oxygen level in the water, as well as its temperature, used to be unknown variables. This is resolved by implementing sensors in the pools and connecting them to a gateway.

  1. Weather conditions

These play an important role when it comes to influencing harvesting, so monitoring them is of crucial importance. IoT weather stations are more than capable of accomplishing this task.

Reportedly, this technology was able to raise the yields significantly.


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