IoT and cyber security – the reality and the solutions

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In the near future, the number of IoT devices in use will literally surpass the number of living people on Earth. While we are moving towards a new digital era, an era in which businesses can leverage the power of these devices to optimise and automate their operations, there are an increasing number of cyber security concerns. So, what are they, and what are the solutions?

An IoT study conducted by HP revealed that 80% of these devices have weak passwords, while 70% of them don’t take advantage of communications encryption, and 60% of them are using insecure user interfaces. Most of their users are either unable or unwilling to change their passwords, which is something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

IoT related incidents are not fiction either. In 2014, hackers used more than 100,000 IoT devices to send malicious email, ranging from smart TVs to smart refrigerators. Your kid’s smart teddy bear can potentially be used as a spying tool, and you can probably imagine what could happen to someone relying on a medical device that’s connected to the internet.

That being said, how can we solve this? For starters, it should be noted that enterprise security can only be as strong as its weakest link. That’s why IoT security by design should become the business focus, as merely protecting the network doesn’t seem to be adequate.

In order to tackle this, end users will need to work together with the manufacturers and enterprises by employing the best practices. Together, we can create safer industry standards for all.

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