Introducing the smart mousetrap

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Victor is planning to use IoT technology to build a better and technologically enhanced alternative to the traditional mousetrap: a smart mousetrap. Woodstream, the company behind it, will be launching the innovative new mousetraps in the third quarter this year.

The smart mousetraps will also monitor pest populations, something the analog ones were incapable of doing.

Tom Daly from Woodstream explained that it’s important to have these traps connected. Two mice can turn into 20 within a couple of months, and businesses are on the lookout for a solution that doesn’t involve checking each trap individually. They need a warning system. He also added that pilots are underway to link thousands of these devices together.

Victor recognised how valuable these mousetraps were a decade ago, but back then, battery life was a pressing issue. According to Daly, these issues have now been solved, thanks to LPWAN technology.

The app used for controlling the smart mousetraps will do much more than that; as expected, you will be able to access and utilise analytics. All in all, the return on investment on these devices comes in the form of labour cost savings, since physically inspecting them will not be necessary (as it would be by using regular mousetraps in an industrial setting, which can add up to a lot of work in such a setting as a large distribution centres).

Another benefit of using them is that they basically act as a form of insurance against bad press. Imagine the scope of damage a single viral pest video could do to the reputation of a restaurant, for example.

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