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Microsoft Internet Explorer LogoMicrosoft’s Internet Explorer is falling in popularity as more and more users turn to Google Chrome and other browsers.

The market share for Internet Explorer has dropped by more than 20% when considered year on year. For most industry experts, this is not a surprise. Windows 10 offers Microsoft Edge as a browser. However, this new browser has acquired less than a 5% market share in May and when combining the figures for all Microsoft browsers, it has a market share of just under 39%. This is a drop of more than 21% when compared to the same period last year.

Experts believe that these figures show not only a drop but a growing trend. This time last year, Microsoft accounted for more than 55% of the market share. Use of rival Chrome has risen by more than 19%, taking its market share to more than 45%.

There are a lack of extensions for Edge which could be one reason that people are being encouraged to change browsers. The figures given are for browser usage on PCs and laptops, but users are now accessing the internet through a variety of devices, with the majority of users on Android-based devices using Chrome as their default browser.

Microsoft has announced that there are extensions for Edge in development and this will eventually replace Internet Explorer altogether, but Microsoft’s failure to take advantage of the mobile market and the lack of speed offered by IE could mean that its market share may continue to fall.

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