Internet Explorer support ends for versions 8 to 10

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Microsoft is due to end support for all versions of Internet Explorer (IE) with the exception of the latest version, IE11.

The company has posted a support document that will be displayed as a pop-up from 12th January to warn users who are still working with versions 8, 9 and 10 that they should upgrade to the new version. The older versions will still work but there will be no more updates, patches or bug fixes, meaning that these versions could become vulnerable to threats such as malware.

Internet Explorer has struggled to maintain popularity in recent years, while Google Chrome has won over the market. 48.6% of users are now using Internet Explorer, according to NetMarketShare, while Chrome has almost doubled its market share over the last two years to 32.3%.

The lack of support for the older IE versions is intended to ensure that people upgrade to the latest version. Users of Windows 10 will also be able to use the new Edge browser, which is considered far more modern than IE, although IE is still bundled with Windows 10.

NetMarketShare also reports that IE11 has a desktop browser market share of 25.6%, with the relatively recent addition, Microsoft Edge, accounting for less than 3% of this market.

The end of support notification will appear for users of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, with Microsoft first revealing its intention back in August 2014.

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