India introduces new Aadhaar data security regulations

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India is introducing a new set of regulations designed to take care of Aadhaar data security and privacy concerns.

In short, Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit number that the Indian authorities will issue for every resident in India.

The Indian authorities are setting up an online system that will lock an individual’s biometrics profile for a specific time or permanently. Every Aadhaar number holder will have the option of accessing his online profile at any given time.

The account will keep certain data like how many times an individual has used Aadhaar, as well as for what purpose. In order to make high-value transactions more secure, the users are given the option of using a one-time password, as well as additional steps of authentication like fingerprint-iris matching.

Some political parties disagree that having an Aadhaar is required to take advantage of certain services, and this is especially problematic while numerous individuals still do not have one. Currently, there are around 37,000 enrolment centres in India.

All authentication requesting entities will have their own servers for processing Aadhaar authentication.

It is speculated that the system will be much more secure, because it was designed to contain an authentication history. So, if it turns out an individual did not consent to a transaction, the system will provide the option to always go back and check.

The officials marked the system as transparent and technologically advanced. The biometric authentication features play a huge role in its overall security.

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