IBM acquires cloud software developer Gravitant

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It has been revealed that IBM has purchased Gravitant, a company that develops cloud-based software.

This acquisition is set to make IBM’s cloud section stronger, with the software designed to help companies to plan and manage their software and services from a variety of suppliers. The new capabilities will mean that IBM will have more capability to mix public and private cloud systems, while customers will see improved services that allow them to manage their hybrid services as a single cloud system. This will result in better efficiency and performance.

Martin Jetter, the senior VP of global technology services at IBM, said that Gravitant has ensured an innovative approach for companies that want to add choice to the way in which they manage their environments while still keeping things simple. The finer details of the acquisition have not been revealed.

Gravitant has been working towards breaking down a number of the barriers that have stopped companies from moving over to cloud computing. Its technology means that employees other than IT managers will be able to source software services from suppliers that have already been approved. Another advantage is that side by side comparisons of services can be made.

IBM has been quite weak in the areas of cloud services and mobile, and this acquisition can help to remedy this. The services and systems of Gravitant will be integrated into the IBM systems and will strengthen its position against its rivals in the cloud computing market.

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