How to improve data security with IaaS

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It can be very expensive for companies to put data security measures into place when using systems such as clustered firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

Some cloud hosting companies are unable to provide these solutions due to the investment required. Security can be a major issue for the user and it is important to ensure that this is not something that is taken care of just the once. Security should be seen as an ongoing process. The way in which cyber-attacks take place is constantly changing and security should be evolving at the same time.

Businesses should be asking questions about their data security, checking whether analysis is carried out on a regular basis and from where the attacks emanate. A simple measure such as asking the hosting provider to offer a different password for every server can help to improve data security.

Companies should also avoid the ‘patching’ approach to security. If a hole or a bug has to be mended, simply fixing it and moving on is not going to be enough. By monitoring security measures on an ongoing basis, the various vulnerable points will become clear and steps can be taken to protect the system as a whole.

Finally, no company should expect perfection, as this is something that is very hard to achieve; however, this is not a good enough reason to be complacent about security. Businesses should be flexible in their approach, adapting and improving all the time.

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