How hard is it to complete digital transformation projects?

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Recently, various CIOs have been surveyed; in the process, it was revealed they’re rather sceptic in terms of the digital transformation progress they’ve made.

In fact, as much as 62% of them said they hadn’t come far.

But why is this so? One possible explanation may be that they now have a much firmer grasp of the grand scheme of things and realise exactly what needs to be done as well as the complexity of it all. The cost of digital transformation can be another notable obstacle.

The German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) believes that they need to seek more education on the topic, noting that there might a lack of clear examples and best practices in the industry.

According to their survey, investing in IT is still a trend. Compared to last year, 40% of respondents mentioned a rise in the IT budget (by around 16% in size). Of the respondents, 42% expect there will be a hike in the SAP investments by 27% in 2019. Compared to last year, when they rose by 37%, the growth is a bit smaller in comparison.

During the survey, it was made clear that the responsibility for making business software investments now lies on individual departments.

Moreover, it has become clear that there are budgets for cloud solutions. A total of 16% of respondents are making plans to make substantial investments in SuccessFactors and SAP Analytics Cloud investments rose by 6%. The medium-sized investments into the SAP Cloud Platform effectively doubled and are now totalling 8%.

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