Hosted telephony grows in popularity

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The hosted telephony and unified communications market is growing rapidly, according to a recent survey.

The growth of these industries means there are more opportunities for both international and European providers. Companies are using hosted telephony to ensure they can access the more advanced features available in communications. It also provides them with the opportunity to upgrade more frequently. A hosted solution is also a better option in the event that a company has to expand or downsize.

The analysis, which was carried out by Frost & Sullivan, revealed that in 2014 the revenue for this particular industry was just over $3.3bn (£2.21bn). It is thought that by 2021 this could reach $17.93bn. Companies are turning to this solution when they face lower IT budgets and do not have enough expertise in-house. Larger companies opt for this type of technology because it offers them more flexibility to support workers who are not based in the office.

Hosted telephony and UCC services are being taken up mainly by the IT, professional and retail sectors. There are also some countries in Europe where public sector organisations are making the move.

Businesses still using premises-based services often have specific security needs or specific customisation requirements. Some companies are concerned that they will not have enough control over their communications systems if they use a hosted service and there are also concerns in some areas about the quality of service and the reliability.

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