Hosted telephony challenges mobile services

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Research by a telecoms company has revealed that mobile networks are facing a huge challenge from hosted telephony and voice over IP (VoIP) services.

More users are now opting for cloud-based apps such as Facetime and WhatsApp to make phone calls, reducing their usage of contract minutes on their mobile phones. The research shows that more calls are now being made using these apps than by using phone tariffs, with the same applying within business communications.

Hosted telephony offers the opportunity to use laptops, smartphones and other devices to make free calls. Companies can harness many benefits by upgrading to a hosted VoIP system, including the ability to access phone service from different locations. They can save money on installation, usage and maintenance costs, which can be significant for a large company, and the improvements in infrastructure mean that this is also a very practical option.

Demand for hosted telephony has reached an all-time high; however, there are still a large number of businesses that do not know what hosted telephony is.

The providers of hosted telephony systems are now posing a threat to traditional telecommunications providers, particularly mobile providers. Companies can equip their staff with the latest 4G-ready devices so that they can make use of hosted telephony no matter where they are.

It has been reported that the US saw a 15 per cent increase in the use of hosted telephony during the last six months of 2015 and it is expected that the UK will see a similar rise in use during 2016.

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