Healthcare industry embraces IoT and AI, report says

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Accenture released a new report saying that the healthcare industry is not only adopting the IoT and AI technologies but doing so quite aggressively. However, these organisations need capabilities to verify data.

The report says that 77% of respondents surveyed (health executives) expect to invest in IoT and smart sensors in 2018, while 53% of them expect to invest in AI systems.

Supposedly, 86% of executives said their organisations use data for the purposes of automated decision making at an unprecedented scale.

81% of them are not willing to face the societal and liability pressures to explain their AI-based decisions and actions.

73% are planning to put in place some form of internal ethical standards to ensure that their AI systems perform as expected.

86% of respondents have not invested in verifying data sources. This opens them up to the potential risk of pulling in incorrect, biased, and manipulated data that could lead to skewed results.

Kaveh Safavi, head of Accenture’s global health practice, unveiled in a press release that the IoT technology is making businesses more dynamic than ever before. It lies on the organisations’ shoulders to develop systems with trust and transparency, so their societal benefits get bolstered, he said.

Another one of Accenture’s reports suggests that the AI technology is estimated to reach $6.6 billion by 2021. Compared to 2014, the technology was sitting at $600 million, so it’s a notable growth. The report also estimates that the AI technology can potentially create massive savings of $150 billion for the US healthcare industry by 2026.

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