Healthcare data security incidents second most common in 2016

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According to Symantec’s research, healthcare data security incidents were the second most common in 2016 in the services sector, as the reported breaches rose by 22%.

This recent research also indicated that healthcare data security continues to lag behind other regulated industries.

Apart from that, researchers found that emails were a large threat factor for healthcare organisations in 2016. Alarmingly, more than half of all emails (54%) contained some form of spam.

However, the healthcare phishing attempt ratio was noticeably lower than what is to be expected in the Services sector. Specifically, in healthcare, 1 in 4,375 emails was a phishing attempt, while in the Services sector, 1 in 3,091 emails was a phishing attempt. According to researchers, however, this does not mean that healthcare enjoyed a better year.

The report indicated that ransomware attacks on healthcare organisations became more common, explaining that the cyber-criminals started to realise there is easy money to be made here. This type of attacks leads to a loss of data, payment of ransom to restore data, or complete shutdown of services.

As indicated by the report, the average asking sum used to be $294 in 2015, which sharply rose to an average of $1,077 per victim in 2016. In 2015, 340,665 ransomware detections were made, which compared to 463,841 in 2016, is also an increase.

Symantec has determined that email is an increasingly popular vector for instigating ransomware attacks.

The full report can be obtained from Symantec’s official website.

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