Have your private tweets been exposed?

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A cybersecurity vulnerability was discovered in the Twitter for Android app, exposing users’ private tweets to search engines and non-followers. Luckily, the Twitter development team has already remedied the issue.

On the bright side, not every Twitter user was affected by this, only those posting tweets through the Android app. Not every single one of these either, merely the users who enabled the “protect your tweets” option and made changes to their email address between 3rd of November 2014 and 14th of January 2019.

Company officials have already notified those who they believe might be affected by this. However, at this point, nothing was said regarding how they’d managed to discover the bug. So, from now on, you can safely tinker with the “protect your tweets” option without fear of exposing your private tweets.

The bug only impacted certain users during the last five years. However, the company doesn’t have the complete list to work with, only a couple of assumptions. They did, however, issue an apology. They’ve also said they’re taking all the steps necessary to ensure that something like this will never happen again.

In recent times, this hasn’t been the only bug found on Twitter’s platform. In September 2018, an Account Activity API bug was discovered. The bug caused some users’ private messages to be sent to the wrong Twitter app developers.

If you want to check the status of your “protect your tweets” setting, this can easily be done by navigating to the account settings panel. The option can be found in the “privacy and safety” area.

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