Google is implementing a new anti-phishing measure

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Last month, there was a massive Google Docs phishing attack, and Google is implementing a new data security measure to fight against these types of attempts so that cyber criminals will have a harder time doing this in the future.

Now, whenever you’re going to be using an app, and it happens to be unverified, Google will warn you about the potential risks of doing so with the help of interstitial screens. Users will now be fully informed that using such an app could very well introduce a data security risk to their accounts.

The new changes apply to Chrome users. Whenever you try to connect to an unverified online app though the Chrome browser, a warning screen will pop up. This goes a long way in terms of making it harder for a malicious app to present itself as legitimate.

Furthermore, the red warning screen makes it very easy to spot the danger.

According to Google, the forthcoming changes apply to all new web apps the user will be connecting to, as well as previously visited ones in some cases. The company believes these changes will help the users to make informed decisions to keep their information safe.

To quickly recap last month’s Google Docs phishing events:

An email was sent to Gmail users which prompted them to visit a fake website masquerading as Google Docs. The email made it look like it came from someone they knew. The page was asking for the users’ account permissions, including contacts.

Fortunately, only 0.1% of accounts were affected, according to Google.

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