Gartner reveals the state of data security in 2016

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Secured data transferBrian Reed, research director for data loss prevention at Gartner, presented at the company’s annual Security and Risk Management Summit taking place in Sydney. He discussed several industry misconceptions, as well as topics touching upon data security and data protection, while also providing a strategic approach to solving the problem for the current year.

He claimed that the traditional methods of protecting data are no longer up to date, and that no data is equal. Above all, he pinpointed that there are different levels of risk associated with different data, and that IT professionals should be working more closely with business owners in order to determine what sort of data is the most valuable to them.

Apart of that, he also reminded us that nowadays, data does not really reside in the same place, and that it is rather scattered all around, whether it be inside an external hard drive, in the cloud, etc.

Reed believes that getting the business owners more engaged in data security is likely going to be a long haul effort. The goal is to get them to understand that data security is a business enabler rather than a blocker.

Finally, he reminded us that we need to take a better look at the natural life cycle of data, as it is often being transported from one location to another, imported into an application, and so forth. This indicates that data is never really static. By recognizing this, business owners will be better prepared to tackle the issues of data security, he said.

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