Four things to keep in mind about Meltdown

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The new year began with one of the biggest CPU flaws in our history: the notorious CPU flaw that was discovered not too long ago, affecting most computers currently in use. Luckily, things are starting to settle down a bit, and here’s what you should know about Meltdown:

  1. Google’s Project Zero team is working on a solution

Google deserves a lot of praise for sponsoring a team of cybersecurity researchers who are willing to share their findings with the rest of the industry.

  1. Intel has already issued a software patch

While this is certainly a great thing, expect the patching process to last a while before the dust finally settles. Enterprises are going to have to keep going through a lot of hurdles to apply the patches, and until they do, sensitive data is at risk.

  1. OS vendors are chiming in

OS vendors like Microsoft and Apple are doing their best to mitigate the risks and are developing some software patches of their own.

  1. The future is uncertain

Various aspects of cybersecurity will become even more important in 2018, and the latest CPU flaw is unlikely to be the last vulnerability that is eventually discovered. If nothing else, the events that have transpired will certainly help us recognise the need to design hardware and software in a sturdy manner, meaning that any potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities need to be dealt with before the product hits the shelves, addressing potential issues in the design phase if at all possible.

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