Five tips handling data security during open enrolment

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Business concept: Folder With Lock on computer keyboard backgroundAn open enrolment process is when two or more companies, their employees, or suppliers, transfer huge volumes of sensitive information between each other. During the process, the participating individuals have an increased risk of becoming targeted by hackers, since large volumes of sensitive data are likely to spark a huge degree of interest among them.

The following five data security tips were designed to mitigate those risks:

  1. Develop a security-conscious work environment

Working closely with the IT department goes a long way. The next step is to work with your team to make sure they understand the data security risks and do what they can to mitigate them.

  1. Communicate clearly

Map out the enrolment process ahead of time.

  1. Have the necessary defences in place

It is a good idea to restrict file access only to the people that need it. Apart from that, you should also shred documents that contain sensitive information after they are no longer required. Never forget to update your security software.

  1. Create an anonymous fraud hotline

Did you know that insider theft is one of the most common methods used to steal data? Having an anonymous fraud hotline will allow your employees to report any suspected frauds.

  1. Have a strong response plan in place

You should prepare all the necessary contacts in advance. These include law enforcement, consumer protection agencies, and insurance companies. As bad as it sounds, you should always plan for the worst, as this will help you reduce costs.

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