Five data security predictions that could happen in 2017

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Recently, Experian Data Breach Resolution has released a new report that predicts five possible data security changes in 2017:

  1. Aftershock password breaches will expedite the death of the password

Aftershock breaches became an emerging trend in 2016. In 2017, the report estimates they will become more common and varied.

Hackers continue selling old login information on the dark web. Since users oftentimes do not vary their login credentials on other websites they use, the companies who had not experienced a data security breach directly can also be affected.

  1. Nation-state cyber-attacks will move from espionage to war

Experian recommends that in order to address this threat, the companies should take part in sharing information about cyber threats.

  1. Healthcare organisations will be the most targeted sector with new and more sophisticated attacks on the horizon

Sensitive medical details have been known for years to be some of the most valuable personal information hackers can get their hands on. Experian predicts the criminals will be expanding into other sectors of healthcare, which includes hospital networks.

  1. Criminals will focus on payment-based attacks

This could be taking place regardless of the EMV shift that took place more than a year ago.

  1. International data security breaches will cause trouble for multinational companies

Experian believes the loss of International consumers’ data will cause the most significant damage in 2017. According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, 42% of companies are not properly prepared to manage a potential international data security breach.

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