Five cybersecurity predictions for 2018

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As the year is drawing to a close, let’s examine which cybersecurity phenomena are likely to take place in 2018:

  1. Alternative authentication systems will slowly replace passwords

This aspect of cybersecurity is especially hard to get right, as more complicated authentication systems often have a negative impact on the user experience. Most users don’t want to trade comfort for efficiency. Risk-based authentication and multi-factor authentication could become more prominent as we move forward.

  1. Hackers will increasingly take advantage of compromised IoT

Even amateur hackers can get an IoT hacking kit from the dark web, so it’s easy to compromise these devices. Will manufacturers recognise this and adapt?

  1. More threat-detection automation

Automation is a great way to reduce the monotony of having to filter alerts and determine what is and isn’t a threat. Automated tools that use machine-learning technology are likely to be the future.

  1. It will be hard for many companies to meet the GDPR compliance deadlines

While May 25th seems to be far away, it’s closer than you might think, and many companies aren’t taking this seriously enough. Will the risk of heavy fines be enough to get the ball rolling?

  1. We will see more state-sponsored cyberattacks

Russia, North Korea, and Iran are the usual suspects when it comes to state-sponsored attacks. Simply put, by continuing with their attacks, there is little for them to lose, and there have been few consequences for their actions thus far.

Do you agree with our cybersecurity predictions for 2018?

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