Facebook to use facial recognition technology when tagging photos

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The time of having to go through Facebook photos to manually tag your friends is nearing an end. Facebook is implementing facial recognition technology that will soon take care of this automatically.

Facebook’s new innovation is a part of a digital transformation strategy that aims to automate everything that’s possible and/or feasible. When this new technology is fully implemented, Facebook will go through the photo archives of its users and automatically try to recognize who’s on them, then tag them appropriately.

Of course, it’s not mandatory to use this option if you don’t want to, and each user can opt to disable the new feature with an on/off switch found in the settings tab. Facebook wants you to be in control of your photos, and if you want to leave yourself untagged, you’re at full liberty to do so.

According to the company, the main purpose of this new innovative feature is to prevent impersonation. For example, if someone tries to use a photo of another person as his or her profile picture, the system will be able to recognise it and prevent it.

Facebook has also used artificial intelligence in the past to filter out the following types of content:

  • Fake news
  • Extremist content
  • Low-quality websites

Facebook has no intention of using this technology in any potentially harmful way, such as by telling a stranger who you are based on a photo, and will never introduce such a feature.

In other news, the company is also introducing new technology designed to help visually-impaired people learn more about a particular photo.

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