IT experts share their thoughts on data protection day

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The previous year has shown us that data security threats never sleep, and that they continue to evolve. We have seen various events like ransomware and phishing attacks make the news, and know that keeping up to date with the latest data security threats is now more important than ever.

Below, some IT experts weighed in with their thoughts on data protection day.

Jon Lucas, Director at Hyve Managed Hosting, believes that both companies as well as consumers must place data protection at the top of their priorities.

Nigel Tozer, marketing director at Commvault, reminded us that the companies need to start working towards being compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that come into effect in May 2018. One of the new requirements is that companies with 250 employees, and in some circumstances even less, have a Data Protection Officer in place.

Victoria Grey, CMO at Nexsan, mentioned that an increasing number of organisations are moving their data to the cloud. However, she believes this could be risky, and prefers an on-site solution for maintaining proper data privacy standards.

Johan Pellicaan, managing director at Scale Computing, believes that businesses need to have a strategy to recover critical information in place in case their IT infrastructure lets them down.

Jean-Frederic Karcher, Head of Security at Maintel, encourages the mentality of perceiving a breach as something that is inevitable, so the best way to approach the problem is to manage data risk.

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