Estonia to counter cyberattacks by putting critical systems offshore

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After the initial announcement in 2014, Estonia is finally making its new cyber security measures a reality. Now, all of its critical data systems will be mirrored offshore.

These systems include:

– State pension insurance registry

– Business register

– Land cadastre

– State treasury information system

– Identity documents registry

– Land register

Mikk Lellsaar, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Executive Specialist, explained that the new data centre must be located in a country that has a positive relationship with Estonia. Not only must the data be guaranteed immunity while stored there, the data centre must also have high-security standards such as meeting Tier 4, ISO 27001.

He estimates that the first data embassy will probably become operational in 2018. Furthermore, he has stated that this is a pilot project. In other words, any further development will depend on its results.

Apart from the technical and legal problems they are still working to solve, they must determine what actions to take if the communication between the systems somehow becomes interrupted. To ensure consistency and integrity of the system, they will also need to determine which of the two systems will be marked as the primary, and which will be the secondary.

Finally, it should be noted that one of the main goals of this project is to ensure that Estonia’s state systems remain functional even in the case of a cyberattack or an occupation of their land.

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