Employees are the most likely to discover a data security breach

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According to a survey conducted by AT&T, employees are the most likely to discover a data security breach.

Since employees are the ones who are actually using the company’s computer systems, this makes sense. Ironically, they are also often the ones who are responsible for the breach happening in the first place.

One of the main reasons why breaches occur are weak passwords and the fact that employees are prone to fall for phishing scams.

More commonly than ever, law enforcement is the source of identification of a company’s data security breaches. Nearly 25% of them are discovered by law enforcement agents who stumble upon certain data they otherwise would not be able to, had a breach not occurred.

The implications of a data security breach

Nowadays, it is not even a question if a data security breach will happen or not, since this is pretty much a given. The only question is when it is going to happen.

It goes without saying that these types of breaches can be a real problem for a company. Oftentimes, the computer systems need to be taken offline to address the problem and fix the vulnerabilities, leading to lost work time and production.

Sometimes, loss of data may occur, and depending on what kind of data was lost, the damage can be enormous.

Furthermore, once the customers learn of the event, a loss of trust is almost inevitable. Still, it is important for a company to notify those who were affected as soon as possible to minimise the damage.

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