How emerging technologies create a whole new shopping experience

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The world we live in today is noticeably different than it was a mere 10 years ago, and it’s all thanks to the new technologies that are making our lives simpler and more manageable. That being said, let’s look at four different real-life examples of companies that choose to embrace the digital transformation phenomenon to see how exactly they’re going about creating an entirely different shopping experience for their customers:

  1. Samsung

Via their handy smartphone app, Samsung enables you to look inside certain refrigerator models, build a shopping list, and make an order.

  1. Whirlpool

Whirpool’s kitchen appliances are using IoT technology to detect when washing supplies are running low, and, better yet, automatically replenish them for you.

  1. Amazon

With the help of the Amazon Dash Wand, you can shop for household supplies merely by pressing a button on a device, scanning a barcode, or placing your order verbally.

  1. Octopus

Octopus, and other similar digital wallet providers, allows you to pay for the goods you’ve ordered straight through a smartphone.

IoT and consumer spending

Consumer spending is estimated to increase in the following years, and it’s all thanks to IoT. However, the true underlying reason lies in the level of convenience that IoT allows us to experience.

Dr Benjamin Yen from Hong Kong’s faculty of business and economics, believes we are in for an interesting future when IoT becomes merged with virtual and augmented reality technologies. According to Yen, the biggest challenge the industry faces in terms of the adoption of IoT, is having the logistics infrastructure ready.

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