eBay’s HeadGaze technology becomes open source

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eBay has decided to make HeadGaze open source, a technology that makes it extremely easy for someone with motor impairments to navigate through different applications. The technology utilises Apple’s ARKit and iPhone X camera to monitor someone’s head motions, allowing them to navigate the screen without using their hands.

If you’re familiar with how a mouse cursor works, the concept of HeadGaze should be quite familiar to you as well. The only difference is that instead of navigating the screen with a cursor and pressing buttons, head movements are observed instead.

According to eBay, it should be possible to easily integrate it into other apps with minimal code changes necessary.

The technology was spearheaded by Muratcan Çiçek, eBay intern and PhD candidate who himself suffers from motor impairment. You can download it from GitHub. Çiçek makes a point that not only those with motor impairment can benefit from it, as it can also be used to interact with an app while your fingers are greasy, for example.

In the last year, eBay has had more than a couple of digital transformation breakthroughs. Last month, the company released API updates designed to unlock a better buyer experience. During recent years, the e-commerce giant has been focusing its efforts on the developer community.

A week ago, eBay made a report about rebuilding its servers. In Q4 this year, the company has made plans to make the server designs open source so the public can access them with ease.

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