Dropbox introduces new corporate data security controls

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Dropbox, a popular cloud storage provider, has introduced new corporate data security controls this Wednesday. These should allow corporate businesses to better protect their data and manage access to it.

At the same time, the company has also announced an expansion of its global infrastructure across Asia, Europe, and North America, increasing its sync performance speeds up to three times.

The new controls are already available to Dropbox Business and Enterprise customers. They can be accessed through the Dropbox admin console. Specifically, they include the following:

  1. Data leakage prevention controls

This feature allows the admins to block the use of their personal Dropbox accounts from their corporate networks, while still enabling access to enterprise accounts.

  1. Subdomain verification

This should play a huge role in simplifying large scale developments. This feature will be unlocked in the first quarter of 2017. It will enable admins to deploy Dropbox selectively to specific groups. Thanks to this feature, the admins should easily fold the existing accounts into the corporate domain.

  1. Device approvals

Admins will now have the option to limit which devices are capable of syncing with the Dropbox account, and even employ a customisable user exception list.

  1. Improved log

The new and improved log should make it easier to audit user activity and streamline reporting. The admins will be able to perform targeted investigations in the admin console. Specifically, they will be able to take advantage of various filters such as file name, member name, date, as well as file type. This feature will become available in the following weeks.

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