Driverless cars and data security in the future

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Home Automation 23Plans are being made to introduce the first driverless cars in 2019, according to BI Intelligence. Data security is the first thing on everyone’s minds, because a driverless vehicle compromised by a hacker could potentially lead to massive damage. Therefore, the developers are taking several steps to ensure some form of anti-hack protection.

Tesla, to name one, has launched a programme that offers hackers rewards in the range of $10 to $10000 for exposing any vulnerabilities in their business software system. In 2015, researchers Marc Rogers and Kevin Mahaffey, managed to hack into one of their models (Tesla Model S). They revealed six vulnerabilities, which allowed them to remotely control the car’s doors from the outside, and even start the ignition.

The biggest vulnerability in driverless cars is the OBD-II port found below the dash, and all cars produced since 1996 typically include one. If a hacker compromises this port, malicious software can be uploaded, granting the attacker full control over the car.

Driverless car manufacturers are taking data security very seriously, and as a group they have formed an alliance that has a common goal of developing a sturdy and robust framework in their IT infrastructure to protect consumers from similar threats. The framework will have several features, including risk assessment and management, third party notifications, incident response, threat detection, and more.

Additionally, manufacturers are working alongside academies and the government in efforts to develop the strongest security measures possible. Academies play an important role in these efforts, as they often organize events where security enthusiasts gather in an effort to find vulnerabilities.

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