Digital workplaces must give a sense of purpose

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Digital transformation is a hot topic right now, and governments all around the world are investing quite a substantial amount of money into it. Unavoidably, creating a thriving digital workplace that motivates workers and gives them a sense of purpose is becoming increasingly more vital.

However, what is the best way of accomplishing such a goal? To thoroughly explore this topic, Microsoft partnered up with Forbes Insights to take a detailed look at what businesses need to consider for optimal results.

This is what they discovered that the workforce should be able to do:

  • Be creative with expressing ideas with smart applications.
  • Be able to visualise large volumes of data.
  • Be capable of innovating and creating new things quickly.

However, creativity can only be inspired by providing the needed tools, and that’s what companies need to focus on more. Employees must be able to operate with the help of voice, gaze, and touch. Also, they need to be able to use their natural language. They must be given the option of expressing their ideas with smart applications, and build upon the expertise of their peers.

In fact, 88 per cent of employees who state they are in control of the whereabouts and methods of their work are much more fulfilled in their jobs. This single piece of data could pinpoint a way towards a new method of organising workplace structure, so the employees and their talents can be given an appropriate environment to shine.

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