Demand for hosted telephony increases

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Cloud-based unified communications (UC) has been identified as a potential asset for businesses for some time; now, companies are beginning to recognise the benefits, leading to an increase in demand.

One of the issues that many companies found with UC in the past was that it was not properly unified. Quality systems integrated with location and instant messaging are required, as is the ability to share documents easily. Some providers were not able to provide this unification.

The cloud-based model for hostel telephony will help both the provider, which will appeal to more customers, and the customers, who will find it the ideal solution.

Some companies many not be aware that unified communications is available through their providers. When used with cloud computing services, UC systems are easy to use, require no expensive installations and have a relatively short lead time.

One of the reasons for the increase in demand for this type of service is that it can apply to all companies regardless of their size. Another reason is that many companies are looking to upgrade older phone systems, with hosted telephony a cost-effective solution that offers the flexibility needed in the modern workplace.

Lower downtime levels are another reason why companies think this is the way forward. Data centres all over the world can be used, preventing localised downtime problems and ensuring better disaster recovery services.

These benefits mean that companies can drive their business forward without expensive changes.

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