Dell introduces a new low-maintenance security suite

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Recently, Dell introduced new software that will help protect your business against cyber threats. The new Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is equipped with two important features: advanced threat protection and data encryption.

Among other things, the software uses artificial intelligence as well as predictive mathematical models to help shield your systems against malware.

It also has a nice perk: it doesn’t require an internet connection to provide the much-needed protection. This comes in handy for certain organisations that require a data security solution for protecting their systems that are remotely located, since a cloud computing security solution is not an option in these cases.

In addition, it comes in three modes to choose from:

– Cloud connection mode

– On-premises mode

– Full air-gap mode

With the help of Dell’s new security suite, organisations that must keep their data separate from their internet connections can:

  1. Make their management processes simpler

The software only needs to be updated a couple of times per year, unlike regular antivirus solutions that need to be updated regularly.

  1. Protect their data against external and internal threats

Encrypt your data and protect it against malicious USB connections.

  1. Consolidate management and compliance

You can make offline updates, easily adjust agent policy, and view enhanced threat reports.

To make your data even safer, the new software takes advantage of file-level data encryption, as well as web-filtering protection. This should help stop targeted attacks that typically avoid traditional data security defences.

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