Data security tips for patient safety awareness week

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US healthcare organisations are celebrating patient safety awareness week. In a traditional sense, this is the time to focus on reducing patient harm during on-site medical care, but in modern times, data security has also become a very crucial component when it comes to the safety of patients.

According to IBM, these types of threats will be on the rise in 2017, and exploitable information in electronic health records can fetch a high price on the black market.

With that being said, healthcare organisations are under a daily dose of pressure to protect the sensitive information of their patients. Here are three useful tips to help them on their way:

  1. Special attention must be given to mobile devices

These types of devices are now a part of the medical staff’s workflow. If these devices get lost, stolen, or breached, healthcare organisations are vulnerable to additional risk. Encryption should be employed to protect and store the data, and the data that is no longer used should be shredded.

  1. Identify your risk

From ransomware to insider threats, healthcare organisations are facing various types of data security threats on a daily basis. Therefore, their task is to identify those risks and use multiple layers of protection to guard against them.

  1. Adopt a security-first company culture

IBM reports that 68% of all network attacks targeting the healthcare industry came from insider threats. Even though these individuals may not have malicious intent, they can fall prey to a phishing scam or have a misconfigured device. That’s why on-going education is a must.

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