Data security scare for Spotify users

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KRIVOY ROG, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 19, 2015: iPhone 5s on laptop with mobile application for Spotify on the screen. Spotify is a Swedish music service that offers legal streaming music.

Data security concerns have been raised after the personal information Spotify users was published online.

However, the music-streaming site has denied that there have been issues with its security even though a list featuring hundreds of usernames and passwords was made available to the public. Several technical blogs highlighted the publishing of this data more than a week ago, and it has been suggested that one site has done some work to determine if the data is genuine or if the file published is a hoax.

A number of users have said that there have been some songs on their playlists that they did not choose for themselves and others have found it difficult to get into their accounts after unauthorised account changes were made. Hacking would seem to be the most obvious reason for this occurring, but the site is keen to deny that there has been a breach and is trying to put users’ minds at rest.

A spokesperson for the site has said that the data of users is secure and that these file-sharing sites are monitored on a regular basis. Any users that may have been hacked are contacted by Spotify and advised to change their passwords. Industry experts, however, are warning users to err on the side of caution and change their logon details regardless. Users who have any concerns should ensure that they have different passwords for all the sites that they use, and to make sure that any new password is a strong one.

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