Data security and privacy worries 9 out of 10 consumers

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The results of an international study from Verint Systems suggests that 9 out of 10 consumers are concerned about data security and privacy. Specifically, 89% of them want to know how secure their information really is, and 86% of them want to know whether it will be forwarded to a third party for marketing purposes.

As a part of the study, 24,000 consumers across 12 countries were surveyed.

The study has shown that 80% of respondents prefer customer service that is customised to their personal needs. This can potentially be quite challenging for many organisations, since they must have a deeper understanding of customer’s preferences and purchasing history in order to provide such a service. In order to achieve that, they must collect and analyse customer data.

A Verint business survey, which questioned 1,019 organisations in 12 different countries, revealed that 94% of companies agree on the importance of informing customers that their data is secure. Of these organisations, 96% of them believe it is important to tell their customers if their data will be forwarded to a third party.

Ryan Hollenbeck from Verint noted that companies are tasked with having to find a balance between transparency, security, and personalised experience, and this can oftentimes be quite difficult to achieve. This is something that they must do correctly or risk losing customers.

Marije Gould from Verint’s marketing division added that using analytics for the purposes of understanding the customers better is key. That way, businesses can address their evolving needs and requirements.

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