Data security incident at PoliceOne forums

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PoliceOne made an announcement that their forums have undergone a data security breach. Specifically, the security of email addresses, user names, and a small number of birth dates has been compromised. This includes the MD-5 hashed and salted passwords.

Luckily, there are no indications that the sensitive data has been misused in any way thus far, and it looks like the central PoliceOne database was not a part of the breach. Still, PoliceOne is notifying anyone who might have been affected by the breach, and giving them resources on what they can do to protect themselves against the possibility of fraud or identity theft.

Alex Ford, CEO of PoliceOne, assured us that they take the privacy of their users very seriously and have been doing so for the last 17 years. According to his words, the data security issue in the forums have already been addressed, and the vulnerability is no longer present. They are also sharpening their data security procedures to prevent any such accidents from happening in the future.

Supposedly, the breach happened in 2014, but it was only brought to our attention years later. When PoliceOne administrators learned about the incident, they immediately took down the forums, and enforced a mandatory password reset via email for the accounts that were potentially affected.

PoliceOne is still investigating the breach. In the meantime, in the event you are using the same login credentials on other websites, it is a good idea to change these as well to remain on the safe side.

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