Data security breach at Victoria University, student info potentially compromised

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Victoria University has warned their students of a recent data security breach. An IT hack has surfaced which has the capacity of compromising their usernames and passwords. This allows an attacker to gain complete control over their accounts.

The school has informed its students that their accounts may have been compromised. On Tuesday, the students were advised to change their usernames and passwords as a security measure.

The National Cyber Security Centre, as well as various security consultants, are already in the process of assessing the breach.

According to Mark Loveard, the University chief operating officer, both the students as well as the staff were contacted right after unauthorised access to the university’s IT systems was detected.

In order to mitigate the risk, the university decided to carry out a number of actions, including asking the students to change their login credentials.

Specifically, at about 8 AM on Tuesday morning, the school sent out an email to their ex-students, advising them to change the passwords on any websites where they are using the same ones, including social media and online shopping websites. This is to ensure that in case the hackers managed to get their hands on the students’ University passwords, they would not be able to use the same login credentials to compromise any of their other accounts.

Loveard commented they haven’t identified any sort of malicious activity as a result of the breach at this time. For the purposes of protecting the security of their systems, staff, and students, they are currently unable to disclose any further details.

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