Data security breach at University of Oklahoma, student data exposed

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Unintentionally, the University of Oklahoma exposed thousands of students’ educational data dating back to at least 2002, which included school grades, financial aid information, and social security numbers. This is a direct violation of the federal law.

On Tuesday, upon learning that the data breach had been discovered, the university rushed to safeguard the files. According to Matt Epting, their press secretary, no evidence suggests that there was a breach by an outside party.

Looking at just 30 out of several hundred public documents on Microsoft Office Delve, in 29-thousand instances, the information that should have been private was revealed to anyone within the university’s email system. This effectively violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

LeRoy Rooker, a FERPA expert, is certain the files were exposed unintentionally. By violating FERPA, the school risks having their federal funding pulled, although they are always given a second opportunity to fix the situation and avoid the penalty.

Apparently, the files in question have been accessible to the university account holders since May 14th. Anyone with an email account could access Delve, and, through a mere search bar, private information not meant for the public eye.

Included among the exposed information were:

– Social security numbers

– Failed drug tests

– Academic misconduct cases

– Social security numbers

– Financial aid information

– Recruiting violations

– Visa statuses

– OU ID numbers

Steven McDonald, a FERPA expert, states that a student cannot sue the university for disclosing these records. They may, however, file a complaint with the Family Policy Compliance Office.

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