Data security breach at Guardian Soulmates

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There was a data security breach at Guardian Soulmates, a dating website, in which email addresses and usernames were leaked. Allegedly, human error at a third-party technology provider was to blame.

On the bright side, Guardian News and Media (GNM) claims no birth dates or credit card information was stolen.

According to GNM, the third-party provider has run the online dating service since 2004. They have also confirmed the receipt of 27 inquiries from their members, showing their account information was leaked.

The company reports that they have already fixed the problem. Prior to the fix, however, it was possible to sniff out the Soulmates member profiles via the leaked data. However, no other details were exposed in the breach, which means the birth date and credit card information remains safe.

GNM has already issued an apology for the events that transpired and urged those who were affected to contact their customer support service. According to their words, they take matters of data security very seriously.

The company has conducted a thorough investigation which led them to believe that no outside party has breached any of the systems in question. They have also taken appropriate measures to make sure that nothing similar happens again.

About Soulmates

Soulmates is a dating website with a large user base. To this date, they are the largest dating website to have gone through a data security breach. In the past, a similar scenario occurred when hackers breached Ashley Madison and publicly revealed the user data of 37 million users.

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