Data protection investment to increase this year

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Data protection, arrowsCompanies in the UK and Europe are set to invest more in data protection this year as new regulations are set to come into force in 2018.

The top security issue among UK firms is said to be data loss protection, according to a survey carried out by TechTarget and Computer Weekly. The top area for investment for UK companies in 2015 was identity and access management and this continues to be the case in Europe with 29% of companies saying that this is their main priority.

In the UK, IAM has dropped to sixth place in terms of priority. Higher on the list of priorities is single sign on, user security training, and mobile endpoint security. A total of 32% of UK companies surveyed have put IAM on the same level of priority as encryption. It is only in joint second place for European companies. They place it only slightly above data loss prevention in terms of priority.

More than 1000 European businesses took part in the survey, including almost 200 from the UK. The results show that data security has now become a stronger issue throughout the UK. Many companies are expecting the new European regulations to be much stricter and this could be why data security has become a higher priority.

Companies in the UK and Europe have often held back on training in the user security sector and the high level of priority given to single sign on technologies shows that it is now more important than ever for individual users to be able to access data securely.

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