Data loss for 76% of businesses since 2014

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Data lossA survey has revealed that just over three quarters of all organisations have suffered a data breach resulting in loss of data since 2014.

The report shows that the increase in the loss of data is partially due to unnecessary access to the data in addition to companies failing to adequately protect their data. More than 3000 employees and IT professionals from the US, UK, Germany, and France took part in the survey.

The survey suggests that negligence on the part of insiders is the most likely cause of a breach, even more so than deliberate hacking. However, there is a strong concern about the rise of ransomware attacks, with 78% of IT professionals citing it as a worry. Ransomware has affected 15% of the companies that took part in the survey. Of those that have been affected by ransomware, less than half were able to detect the attack on the day that it happened.

The vast majority of participants are required to use customer data and other confidential records on a daily basis and 62% believe that they are able to access data that is not essential for their job.

Less than a third of companies have a strategy in place to restrict data access to those who need to know, while only a quarter have a system in place for monitoring email and third party emails. A surprising 38% have no monitoring in place at all. Experts are concerned that despite growing awareness, there is also an increasing number of breaches that could be prevented.

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