Cybersecurity: Don’t be an easy target for hackers

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Every day, cybercriminals manage to find a new victim, whether it be through phishing, malware, or other ways of compromising cybersecurity measures you’ve put into place. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! By following a couple of solid principles, both individuals, as well as business owners, can take huge steps towards protecting their accounts and personal data.

In concrete terms, we are referring to the following measures:

  • Antivirus software
  • Backups
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Strong passwords

You’d be surprised how often these fundamental factors are ignored. WannaCry, one of this year’s most devastating cybersecurity threats, was successful because many systems were running outdated software, and the ransomware was able to infect a vast number of them based solely on this issue.

Simply telling your employees they need to follow a certain policy won’t do any good, unless you also explain the reasons behind it. Only through understanding will they be able to recognise the threats that are waiting for them online, and how to protect themselves against them.

Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee, explained that getting into cybercrime is becoming much easier these days, and that cybercrime-as-a-service solutions are to blame. He is currently conducting an experiment to determine whether his 12-year-old daughter could do it.

One final point to keep in mind is that sometimes we may not be able to stop cybercriminals, but we can make their efforts not worth their while from an economic standpoint simply by following basic cybersecurity principles.

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